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The importance of vaccinating your animal is crucial when having them boarded. Both cats & dogs need vaccinations to ensure a healthy and long life. The city of New Braunfels REQUIRES ONE OR THREE YEAR RABIES VACCINATIONS. 











  • My senior dog has just had a vet visit and I was advised to not vaccinate her with DHPP due to some potential issues with vaccinating older dogs. Will this be an issue if I need to board at Gruene Barks & Rec?

    • There is some wiggle room in situations like this, we are more than happy to consult with your veterinarian to make sure the best route is always taken for your animal.

      • Although there are times where DHPP is not recommend for your animal due to age, RABIES is still 100% needed yearly or the three year vaccine.

  • My dog got her bordetella vaccine (kennel cough vaccine)  8 months ago. The vaccine is still good, right? The paperwork from the vets office says that the bordetella (kennel cough vaccine) is a yearly vaccine. Therefore, she does not need that vaccination, right?

  • My dog received her bordetella vaccine 5 months ago but will be needing her booster in about 2 weeks. She is good up until the 3rd boarding date at Gruene Barks & Rec. Therefore, she does not need an updated vaccine.

    • No. ​

    • If your dog is going to be needing an updated vaccination WHILE being boarded, it technically is expired and your dog will be needing a booster BEFORE ARRIVAL.


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