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We know that your pets comfort allows you to have peace of mind while away- We offer luxury services to make each furry family member feel at home.

Don't worry- there are no hidden fees for any of the amenities shown here.

We appreciate our customers business & wish to be as transparent as possible.

  • Climate controlled indoor/ shaded outdoor dog runs with artificial grass

  • Custom made play-scape 

  • Interactive, supervised, group play time

  • Diamond Naturals Dog Food

  • Pick-ups on Sunday

  • Personalized feeding schedule

  • Health Technology Professional Cleaning Products​​

  • Climate controlled lodging areas

  • Netflix, Hulu, & Youtube shown on flat screen TVs

  • Medication Administration 

  • Soft music for bedtime

  • Full-Spectrum Lighting

  • Seamless, antibacterial, non-absorbent, pet-friendly floors

  • 24 Hour Recorded Surveillance

  •  Security System

  • Smoke detectors linked to alarm

  • Shaded outdoor pool

  • Outdoor turf play area (great for allergy sufferers)

  • Interactive cat toys

  • Full wall cat tree 

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